(arrival date should be Sunday Jan 11th, first night at the retreat property is 11th.  Practice starts Monday Jan 12th)

REGISTRATION IS OPEN.  Last years retreat was sold out!

‘The retreat was one of the biggest gifts I could ever give myself. It was exactly what I needed’ ~ Anne (Amsterdam, Holland)

Sometimes, it takes an invitation to inspire a dream.  Sometimes, it takes saying yes to an invitation to inspire, and change, your life.

Consider this your invitation.

If India has ever been a destination you’ve always wanted to visit, then this is a perfect opportunity to ease into the magic and spiritually rich culture that is Incredible India!

If you’re looking for a getaway that will truly change your perspective and reignite the feeling of life being vibrant and creative and inspired, then this is the retreat for you.

Yoga? It will be intelligent, thoughtful, relevant, deep, transformative.
Writing? It will be expressive, revelatory, personal, new, inspiring.
Culture? It will be new, it will be educational.
Beach? It will be at your door, every morning. Waiting.
Life changing? You won’t have any choice.
Spiritual? It is in the wind, in the air. It omniscient, omnipresent. It will be in every pair of eyes you meet.
India? It will swell your heart.

Start 2015 off right.

Join me for a 7 night/day yoga/writing retreat and life affirming trip to Goa, India.

Goa lies on the south west Coast of India.  It is lush with tropical mangroves, lined with quaint fishing villages and vibrant with a culture rich in laid-back seaside sensibility and fiery, colorful, Indian flare.  It is an oasis in the exotic sub-continent that exists as something of an anomaly, in an otherwise intense and densely populated country.

Your accomodations are set back in the mangroves only a few meters from the vast and stretched shoreline.  Built by a community of creatively minded people, The Mandala is an artists colony and a seekers paradise.  It’s a place that invites inspired conversation and life dreams.

Your invitation includes:

7 night’s accommodation (Dinner is not included on the first night.  Arrival is Sunday 12th of Jan and your accommodation is included for this night.  Retreat officially starts on Monday 13th)

2 yoga classes a day (this includes yoga workshops TBA – all levels welcome)

Daily meditation

Writing/creative classes

Live music

Breakfast & Dinner (dietary options available, please contact me directly about these requests)

Complimentary herbal teas

Spontaneity, synchronicity, wonder!

Options (not included but can be arranged) :

Nightly sunset drum jam held nightly on the neighboring beach (Free)

Local parties (Free)

Saturday night local markets in Anjuna (Cost of transportation only – can be shared)

Ovenight camping/kayaking trip (to be announced and offered later)

Massages ($15-$20)

Ayurvedic consult and treatments ($10-$20 per hour)

Not Included:

Your airfare

Any transfers

Transportation to and from the retreat (advice, information and assistance is happily and readily available).

Shopping trips (but lots of advice on where to shop and buy gifts)

Why India? Why Goa?

Yoga IS the conversation in India.  It is ripe for inspired and creative life development and many westerners come here to find space from the maddening life of structure and obligations so that they can focus on feeling free, vibrantly alive and brilliantly themselves.  Relaxed, vibrant, connected and authentic is exactly what many experience.

Late last year a dear friend invited me to share in the 2 bedroom apartment that she had rented for the season in North Goa.  I had never been to India and the opportunity presented itself right when I wanted to say yes.  I went for 3 months, using the house and Goa as a base, and traveled through South India.  Saying yes was the best thing I ever did.

Plans changed for my friend who could not end up coming out so the journey took a bigger, life changing purpose for me and India planted a seed in my heart that has been growing dreams and spiritual connection ever since.

You can read more about my journey here.

I want to offer that same opportunity for you.  I explored the area with this retreat in mind.  I made friends with locals, with this retreat in mind.  I made the right connections to share a cultural and unique experience, with this retreat in mind.  So, I’m more than excited that everything has aligned for this to happen. But, India is like that – it provides access to synchronicity like I’ve never experienced before.

Goa, is a beautiful part of south India.  It’s an easy transition and introduction to the otherwise intense and wildly pulsing country that is India.  Westerners will find respectable comforts and the most basic of conveniences without losing the feeling of being somewhere extremely foreign and exotic.


8-10 AM:

Meditation / Yoga / Creative writing prompts (exercises)

Middle of the day Free
Options include (which I can help you organize)
beach lounging
temple visit
exploring the markets and main shopping area
day tour through Old Goa & spice plantation & elephant ride
Ayurvedic consultation


Either yoga workshop/chanting workshop/restorative practice/creative writing/visit temple


Drum circle/jam on the beach at sunset (optional)

7pm Dinner

Free for the rest of the evening.

Price & Dates

Follow this link here for all Prices and accommodation options as well as further information and FAQ

Sunday January 11th through to Sunday January 18th
(actual retreat starts on Monday January 12th ends on Sunday January 19th )

All prices include breakfast, lunch & dinner, daily yoga classes, herbal teas & special beverages, daily meditation classes, daily writing classes, and spontaneous activities that will be organized closer to the retreat.

If booking after Dec 15th, 2014 the amount must be paid in full.  Please read the contract and conditions carefully.  All prices increase after October 31st, please note these prices changes.


The way that Lyn has organised the course, yoga in the morning and writing in the evening, meant that we greeted each day with bodies and minds open to the sensory experiences that was the stuff of India. In the evening we were able to express those experiences with words through thought-provoking exercises aimed at exploring both the self and the world around us. The venue was gorgeous, the food exquisite and the people, warm and open. Loved every minute of it.’  Jean M (London, UK)

The retreat was one of the biggest gifts I could ever give myself. It was exactly what I needed at that time. Time for myself in an astonishing surrounding with a beautiful teacher. The location and the food were perfect and totally fitted in the whole perfect picture but off course that’s not what the retreat was about for me. It was about connecting with myself and discovering new things and finding new spaces I had not been before. The combination of yoga, meditation and writing made the difference. The writing-exercises Lyn gave us were extremely inspiring and gave me insights that ‘only’ doing yoga could not have given me in this single week. Besides wisdom, the writing gave me so much ease and joy and brought together everything that I could find in my mind, heart and body. Lyn challenged us to experience the week in a way that was perfect for ourselves, not for anybody else. I was most amazed with the effect of working with intentions for yourself. I could take big steps in doing something that is a great challenge for people who dare to live their life’s with eyes open and something that has always been a challenge for many of us: becoming more of you. During (and after!) the Yoga and Creative Week I became more of me. Incredibly thankful!!!!’  Anne L (Amsterdam, Holland)

I haven’t the words to correctly express how grateful I am for this retreat (ironically).  It wasn’t just for the opportunity to come to India, which I’ve always wanted to do, but then everything that Lyn brought to it.  Her hard work was evident in every moment and the group that came together was so special.  I am taking with me, some potentially, life altering habits and, as Lyn reminded us daily, I am going to trust my practices’ Marianne E (Connecticut, USA

Dear Lyn, Thank you so much for your supportive following of my journey.  Your wisdom you shared regarding fear really pivoted my perspective and assisted in the shift I was looking for.  I pulled up the original email I sent you the other day and I felt so grateful for your faith in this journey for me from the beginning.  You led a beautiful, thought-provoking retreat.  I am so honored to be a part of it.  Thank you for your nurturing introduction to the beautiful and frustrating country of India’  Jessica R (Michigan, USA)

Price & Dates

Follow this link here for all Prices and accommodation options as well as further information and FAQ

Sunday January 12th through to Sunday January 19th
(actual retreat starts on Monday January 13th ends on Sunday January 19th )

All prices include breakfast & dinner, 2 yoga classes a day, herbal teas & special beverages, daily meditation classes, daily writing classes, special workshops including chanting, and live music played by Will Thornton and more to be announced.

About Yoga.  About writing.  About meditation.

I have been teaching alignment based, therapeutic vinyasa yoga since 2007.  You can read more about my yoga traininghere.  The classes will be modified for all levels of practice.  They will combine a vigorous flowing vinyasa style class as well workshop formats and we will incorporate restorative practices as well.  All classes will be suited toward the group that has arrived.

We’ll have musicians.  Yes, the wildly talented and funny and deep and spiritual duo; Will Thornton & Jason Kalidas ofMantric Yoga will be there to practice, play and infuse our week with music, chanting and flute meditations…oh yes, this will be divine.  Some classes will have live music being played, and will include some chanting (this is optional) lessons.

Meditation will be held daily and will appeal to a beginner or someone who has moderate experience of meditation.

Writing exercises and discussion will be held daily.  You do not have to have strong, or even, proficient writing experience.  This is not a week of learning HOW to write – this is a week where we will offer time and space and experience to observe and ponder and create and yes, write.  Writing is a wonderful way to explore your own sense of spirit and to take notice of the small things in life.  It’s a chance to look life in ways that might not be all that obvious when you’re just living it.

The schedule, and tips and advice on packing and transport etc. will be announced as we move closer to the retreat.