There are many organizations throughout the world who are looking for a peaceful place to conduct their retreats, teacher trainings and workshops, and often there are elements of the potential space that don’t seem to compliment the intentions of the course or retreat.

Morning class at a yoga retreat at The Mandala Resort

Morning class at a yoga retreat at The Mandala Resort

Wholesome salad platter, part of your nutritious diet during yoga retreats at The Mandala Resort

There was a marvelous energy in this place, and the shala which backed onto the lake and river was an amazing . This place is one in a million, the love and care that has gone into developing such a personalized resort is constantly evident, and I will be booking all my future retreats in Goa here.......dont miss this place.

 The Mandala as a Retreat Space

The Mandala resort is the ideal place to conduct retreats of various kinds. It‘s creation has been a collaboration between artists from around the world with a theme of a celebration of universal nature and an overall enthusiasm for the tapestry of moments that is life . There has been a great deal of care taken in attention to detail wherever one chooses to look. In short, there is an atmosphere felt by numerous visitors to be transformational.

Our retreat shala is by the river and adjacent to the lake. It is an extremely peaceful and private place with only the sound of the birds to compliment the silence.

We also have a 10 meter diameter geodesic spirit dome, which can fit up to 50 for meditation or seminars/satsangs.

We serve delicious food to compliment your retreat. If you'd like to use our space for your event, please drop us a line at, and we'll be more than happy to provide you the necessary details.