(Unknown Reality, Solar Spectrum, Rastaliens, Braincell)

Cost- Rs 5000 per day or Rs 12,000 for 3 days | 4-6 January 2016 (Monday to Wednesday)

What is the goal of this workshop ?

People who are interested in electronic music production have the chance to get into the detailed possibilities of electronic music creation and to get tips and tricks from well known Artist Ralph K. Freund (

During the workshop you will achieve a deeper understanding how to produce a track and how to mix it properly with a minimum amount of tools needed. Everybody who is interested in professional music production and has a Laptop is invited to join.We want you to get a deeper understanding how music is made and what are the possibilities around music production. The Workshop members are all working with their own laptops and in the DAW of choice (Ableton, Logic, Bitwig, Cubase), so everybody is working with their familiar DAW and nobody has to learn a new program – unless you are interested in doing so.

Content of the course:

• introduction into music, sound & frequencies

• basic synthesizers tips and information

• basic knowledge about compressors, EQs and how to use effects in general

• get to know how to make a kickdrum with synthesizer

• how to make a bassline and mix it properly

• mixtricks and arrangement tips

• production tips and tricks in general and a lot of time for your indiviual questions


During the workshop there will be focus on each individual person with their own projects to get a deeper introduction of their  individual wishes and projects. There should be also plenty of possibilities to collaborate with the other members as the goal of the workshop is to create an open space to have enough time for experiments and NOT only a presentation.The goal behind the workshop is also to build up a community of producers for sharing ideas and work out collaborations around the globe.

Equipment recommended: (we will have some midi keyboards and tools on site if needed)

• Laptop PC or MAC

• Headphones

• Soundcard if possible

• Midi Keyboard if possible

So get your equipment together and come to MANDALA RESORT from the 4th - 6th of

January 2016 and join our studio workshop. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your music!