•love thy stomach RETREAT •

Juice, Yoga, Detox and self healing rituals


Min 6 people . Max 16 people.

Your breath is your ally. Your breath is the whole universe dancing inside you.

Your stomach is your mind. What you feed it, so you shall become. What you feed your mind, he stomach shall absorb.

Join Anjalika for celebration of self-healing to reset yourself to your centre, by loving your gut, dancing with your breath and going through 9 days of self-healing rituals of inner peace and power.

We will be combining this retreat with :

Living in Nature

Lots of Beach time and cleansing in the ocean’s medicine.

Juice & Fruit diet all day, with Buddhist Peace Recipes of the monks, for dinner.

“The Art of Eating Right” - 3 afternoons of workshop and talks by by William .

Daily Yoga Asana & Pranayama Practice ( 4 x Vinyasa , 4 x Yin + 1 day off )

Daily evening Bonfire Kirtan with Gangadas & Anjalika.

Workshop : The Art of creating your own Beauty Products.

A visit to the local spice farm - how the locals grow their spices.

One full day of MAUN VRAT (Silent Fast + Digital Detox)

A visit to the rice fields and learning to cook wild rice with the locals.

A small cooking class to make your own Kihichri.

4 Healing and Detoxing Massages per person over 9 days.

1 x Ayurvedic Consultation with Ayurclinic

Meditation & Reflection Time with daily journaling.

Secrets of the Pranayama Practice.

Cleaning your own Lymph System.

Jala Neti Glow - learning how nasal irrigation can keep your mind clear and focused.

Ecstatic Dance on Saturday (optional)

Visit to the Gypsy Markets (optional)

5 x Pranic Sungazing & Beach Meditation


Solo Eco Hut : €720 with communal showers and toilets

Solo Eco Hut En-Suite : € 810

Shared Nomadic Villa : En-suite €720 per person

Solo Nomadic Villa : € 1080

Solo Art House : € 1170 (couple rate available)

Shared Garden House : €1260

Shared Panomandala Suite : €1260