Yoga Holidays at The Mandala

Ancient Indian science very rightly says that “we become what we consume”.

Be it our food, our thoughts, our breath or the subconscious “samsaras” or impressions that surround us. In our modern “fast-food” lives today we subconsciously and continuously consume a stream of negative and toxic impressions that build up as “ama” or toxins within our physical bodies - which in turn affects our daily lives, and slowly starts to throw us off-balance.


The Mandala is a perfect place to regain that balance. Our location is cut off from the toxic chaos of the world, we are surrounded by abundant nature and fresh air. At The Mandala, we offer Yoga Holiday Add-On packages, that can be beautiful and heathy addition to your stay here.

Yoga classes are led by expert and qualified teachers with a loving nurturing presence, who will take you through an inner journey of self discovery,  leaving you feeling, stronger, peaceful and enlightened with each session.

The food we offer is cooked with love, full of good health and nutrition, strengthening your nerves and constitution. Our Yoga teachers will guide you also on “the correct way to eat.”, which will totally transform how your body consumes food and nourishment. Our juices are detoxing and cleansing, purifying each and every cell of your body.

We have professional trained Masseurs providing a range of treatments at your disposal, to compliment your transformation. Acupuncture is another treatment we offer for very specific situations, if you should need it.

What will your Yoga Holiday Add-On Include?


Please find below our range of Yoga Holiday Add-on options.

Note that these amounts are add-ons to your room charge, and do not include the price of accommodation. They are also subject to change based on the exchange rate, so kindly enquire.



Package rates do not apply to peak season between Mid December to Mid January.

7 day Basic Package : €130/ Rs.11000 per person

14 day Basic package : €250/ Rs.18500 per person

1-Day Package : €20/ Rs.1600 per person

The Prices above Include

One Mandala Lunch OR Dinner Meal per day:  A delicious  vegetarian platter consisting of a fresh salad, rice/roti, raita, lentil preparation o the day, vegetables cooked in turmeric and soft spices

Two Fresh Healthy juice blends per day, of your choice or based on your constitution (vata,pitta, kapha)

(Breakfast is already added to your room charges, with or without the add-on)

One Free Ayurvedic Test to determine constitution type and test results. This will help us serve your food correctly, according to your needs.

Yoga Class (90 minutes per class) Two times a day


To the 7-day or 14-day Yoga Holidays add on, the following PREMIER MODULES are available:

PREMIER MASSAGE MODULE : 2 Massage Treatments : Rs.4000  per person

You can choose from the following types of treatment.

Kallari Massage : an intense ancient medical treatment, using meridians and 108 marma points to correct imbalances in the body. 2 Sessions recommended.

Aroma  Rejuvenation Oil Massage : A calming and relaxing massage using varying pressures to soothe bodily stresses.

Thai Massage : A dry massage for unblocking negative and unnecessary energies.

Foot Reflexology : A deeply relaxing massage for healing organs and disorders using specific pressure points under the feet. 


The results of acupuncture are phenomenal. Very simple treatments can lead to profound changes in the way you feel. Acupuncture treatments are conducted on site by our expert partner. The price above incudes:

-ONE thorough check-up

-ONE basic balancing treatment

Special Acupuncture Treatments are separate, their costs depend on the treatment required, after the first balancing treatment.

How to book your Mandala Yoga Holiday

You can have a Yoga Holiday at any time during our Goan season (October to May each year). Just send us an email at admin@themandalagoa.com with the following details,  or fill the form below, and we will be happy to send you a quotation and help you with your booking.

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