The Mandala Resort is happy to provide one-of-a-kind wildlife adventure tour packages to get you off the beaten path and into the beautiful serenity of nature found on the west coast of India.

Inside the mangroves on kayak during a Goa Adventure Tour with The Mandala Resort

We work with a partner resort in South Maharashtra to facilitate extraordinary packages of day trips, one night, and two night excursions. During your journey you will cross land, sea, and river; you will move by automobile, kayak, and bicycle. You will pass through hilly green coastline, endless open ocean, rivermouth mangroves, and much more. You will see birds and cattle and even dolphins if you get lucky!

One Day Wildlife and Nature Tour 

The journey begins at The Mandala Resort in Mandrem, where we depart early for a 90 minute car ride through north Goa and south Maharashtra. We arrive mid-morning at our partner resort, load up kayaks and embark into the calm waters of the ocean.

Goa coastline seen from a kayak on a Goan adventure tour

The sea is tranquil in the morning and the scenic coastline is beautiful - green, lush, and fertile with interrupting rock faces and long stretches of beach. Kayaking the sea is healthy exercise but it it not a difficult chore!

a small beach with a kayak

Working our way toward the river and hugging the coast, our first stop is a small beach that we call Couple's Cove - its seclusion and cozy size makes it perfect for small groups and couples to spend time together! We stop here for a swim and some light refreshment before moving on up the coast.

We follow the scenic diversity of the coastal landscape up to the mouth of the river where we ride the soft breakers into the delta. The river mouth is dotted with small beaches to enjoy another quick swim if we desire before beginning our paddle upriver.

Once inside the river, we pass by a small field of mangroves pictured above - an interesting collection of life that exists between the salt waters of the sea and the fresh waters of the river. We can even paddle inside them in places to enjoy the dappled light and partial shade they provide!

Lunch under the flame tree by the riverbank in goa

The river narrows and becomes increasingly intimate as we continue upstream from the rivermouth. In short time we come upon a lightly forested bend in the river that we call Flame Forest, owing to the massive Flame Tree that provides generous shade just inside the riverbank. We arrive here to find lunch prepared and ready for our enjoyment under the shade of the flame tree while cattle graze in the field nearby.

River, walking path, and field panorama

Schedule permitting, we may have time for leisure in the shade or a walk down the palm shaded river path before departing to paddle further upriver. The final stretch of kayaking is secluded and intimate, the river winding gently through land that varies from wilderness to farmland.

We arrive mid-afternoon at a small bridge which serves as our pick-up point, where we find bicycles ready for us and vehicles ready to transport kayaks back to the resort. We enjoy an easy 30 minute cycle ride back to the resort and arrive with time to spare in the afternoon.

Sunset after an adventure-filled day

Once back at the resort there is time to swim, shower, or freshen up before enjoying a cold drink and light fare under the glowing warmth of the sunset over Vengurla Harbor.

We depart at our leisure and arrive back at The Mandala Resort in the evening with time enough to settle in for a peaceful or active night, whichever suits your fancy!

Day trip tours are an exciting and cost-effective means of experiencing the true splendor of India without spending too much time or money. Prices are as low as EUR 75 so book your trip today and add an unforgettable day to your time in Goa this year!

Wildlife and Nature Tour Day Trip Rates

AttendeesRate Per Person (Euros)
Three & Four100
Six & Seven85


Overnight Camping Trips

Are you ready for an unforgettable overnight trip, camping under the stars on the banks of a beautiful Indian river?

The trip begins the same as our day trip: we leave early from The Mandala Resort, arrive at our partner resort, and kayak up the coast toward the river mouth.

Our evening of camping by the river affords us additional time to explore the coast, eat a leisurely lunch, swim in the coves, and enjoy the serenity of our surroundings.

We arrive at the campsite in the afternoon to find tents and gear awaiting us. You have free time to continue paddling the river, relax in the shade of a tree by the riverside, throw a frisbee in the surrounding paddy field, or even jump into dinner preparations!

As the sun sets we light a fire and gather together for a meal. The evening winds down with drinks and conversation around the campfire before retiring to our tents for a good night's sleep - a fun and peaceful evening in a fun and peaceful place.

We rise early for a morning stretch and a fresh breakfast before loading up our kayaks and continuing upriver. A couple hours of paddling brings us to the bridge where we trade our kayaks for bicycles or taxis and make our way back to our partner resort. We have the afternoon to enjoy there: a beautiful beach, full restaurant, or even a trip into town to experience the local markets!

We depart at our leisure as the afternoon winds down and arrive back at The Mandala in time for dinner and whatever else your evening holds in store for you.

Our overnight trips provide you with diverse experiences - something memorable and different, with all of the setup work taken care of for you. Camping has never been easier and The Mandala Resort is your connection in Goa to make it happen. Prices begin at just XXX. Contact us today to set up your overnight camping trip. We'll see you in the wilds of Goa!

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