Friends of The Mandala

The true intention of creating The Mandala was to bring people together. well that worked.

We have made acquaintances and become close with many amazing individuals over the years here at The Mandala. From time to time we like to feature some of the works and wonders of past guests who we now call friends.

Team Jiyo

Copenhagen, Denmark

These guys are simply amazing, they lit up the place with their vibrant energy while they stayed with us last february. The two members of team Jiyo who graced us with their  prescence were Martin and Illia, They put together shows around the world involving Parkur, acrobatics and other forms of seemingly impossible physical expression. They were travelling with their friend Sonic who not only happened to be a genuinely woderful person and the world champion breakdancer but had also by chance worked on dance sets in denmark with Ulrik shot who designed and painted The Mandala! We get used to the magical lack of coincidence of life's great tapestry of chance around seems to be as normal as eating breakfast!



Jai Garuda


Jai is an extremely special character who has been a close friend since The Mandala was born. Every year he brings new energy to us in a way that has to be experienced to be fathomed. A master of Qi Gong, Yoga and just about every other holistic practice on and off the planet,  a juggler of the elements, a warrior of the jungle...and an extremely warm, unpretentious sharing being and a lover of life in general.

Jai runs Swara yoga, melting shamanic elemental concepts into energy work and his approach has positively affected  countless individuals over the years, including myself.


Jai Garuda