Yoga Holidays At The Mandala Resort

The Mandala Resort's fantastic cleansing yoga holidays are available throughout the season, starting November 1 and ongoing through April 1. 

More than simply yoga classes, our yoga holidays are a comprehensive package that embodies the spirit of yoga - both on and off the mat - with special attention placed on diet and nutrition.

We have found that those who are interested in participating in yoga regularly for a few or more days in a row are enthusiastic about their mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Your cleansing yoga holiday begins with a consultation to determine your personal makeup, or constitution. This is called Prakriti in Hindi.

This consultation reveals important insights that allow us to optimize your experience over the course of the holiday, including the poses (asanas) that we will focus on, the diet that we will tailor to you, additional services we may recommend, and any other insights that help us understand you.

Yoga classes are held daily, led by one of our professional yoga instructors.

We can adjust the pace and desired skill level of our yoga classes so that you are always comfortable - no one get left behind!

Alongside your practice of yoga poses (asanas) we prepare your meals according to the information gathered from your Prakriti. This includes one or two meals per day and one or two fresh smoothies or juices per day.

We also provide you with a booklet that includes information regarding the yoga that you practice, a personal progress diary, and further study resources that will encourage you to continue your practice beyond the holiday itself.

Along with fresh, whole food ingredients, we include herbs and supplements to compliment both your goals and the effectiveness of your cleansing program. We apply one of a handful of thoroughly researched and time-tested cleansing programs for you during your holiday, which depends in part on the length of your stay and in part on your yoga holiday package. You can learn more about the details of our cleanse programs on our detox and cleansing page.

With so many yoga packages to choose from in Goa, what makes The Mandala Resort a good choice for my yoga holiday?

We are flexible: Book your yoga holiday for as little or as long as you like. From a few days to a few weeks or longer, you will receive first-rate instruction and service both on and off the yoga mat.

We are creative: Our elevated dome yoga shala is a unique structure that provides both intimacy and shade. Our wood-thatched yoga shala is set beside the tidal river, lines with mangroves and bordered by a tidal lagoon. And our flagstone courtyard beside a sculpted statue and fountain of Ganesh is the perfect location to lay out your mat. Come to The Mandala and experience the creative spirit that we hold here while you explore your yoga practice.

We are different: Rather than simply leading you through a number of yoga classes (which we do!) we apply the best practices of whole food nutrition and supplementation to effect more noticeable change. It is our hope that you conclude your yoga holiday at The Mandala Resort with more knowledge and insight into your personal well-being than you would have by simply taking one or two yoga classes each day for several days.

We are affordable: Prices begin at just €35 /day.

We are fun!: Smiling faces and playful insightfulness are the norm here at The Mandala. We are artists, athletes, thinkers and dreamers. We work hard and play hard. Yoga is the perfect way to find balance and unity and we carry this spirit into our yoga practice each and every day.

Cleansing Yoga Holiday Packages

PackageIncludesPrice Per Day (Euros)
Standard Cleansing Yoga HolidayYoga
• Two daily yoga classes
• Two daily fresh smoothies or juices
• All meals and supplements included : Breakfast, Lunch Thaali and a Powerful Juice for dinner
(juices and smoothies in the case of a juice fast cleanse)
Mini Cleansing Yoga HolidayYoga
• One daily yoga class
• One daily fresh smoothie or juice
• One meal with supplement included

Bring your yoga holiday to life at The Mandala Resort by contacting us today for a reservation!

Please note: we do not hold yoga holidays in the week between Christmas and New Year.

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