JAN 4 - 11 • 2020 • USD 900 TO USD 1800


8 day Awakening Freedom yoga and meditation Retreat in GOA.jpg

Just imagine being able to open up to who you truly are and realizing it doesn't have to be hard. Imagine waking up and feeling that you are in the right place, you are going in the right direction and you are doing exactly what you are meant to. This retreat is created with the vision of providing you the ideal environment to find out and realize what freedom means to you.

In a world where spirituality can be so confusing, this retreat is made with the intention to make spirituality simple and easily understood by everyone. You will understand the core essence of spirituality and how to incorporate these principles into your daily life. Self realization is considered as the peak of spirituality. The spiritual discourses throughout the retreat are aimed at your own self realization. The intention is to help you feel more in touch with yourself so that you can live more peacefully.

This retreat is about discovering real freedom.

The kind of freedom that allows you to be compassionate to yourself. The kind of freedom that liberates you from self judgement. The kind of freedom that allows you to release limiting beliefs that are keeping you from where you want to be. This retreat offers the key to unlock the floodgates so that you can feel, see and experience all that you have been yearning to.

This retreat will provide the framework to having a balanced and holistic lifestyle. In our daily schedule we will include yoga, meditation and ecstatic dance alongside discussion on how spirituality and improving your relationships can be incorporated into daily life.

Here we will spend one week together at the Mandala situated on the banks of the Ashvem River near the shores of the Arabian Sea in northern Goa. We will get the chance to retreat inwards in a serene environment while having opportunity to experience the excitement of India in the bustling towns nearby. We will taste delicious foods, see beautiful beaches and be surrounded by the colors and sounds of the vibrant tropics of Goa.

Here is some information about what the activities will include:

YOGA will be led by Michelle and the experienced teachers at Mandala. The yoga classes may include hatha, vinyasa, yin and kundalini. We will also have kirtan and learn about mantras. Michelle's uplifting style of teaching is accessible to all and includes a balance of both activating and restful postures while being energizing and centered. Yoga is more than just the physical postures, so she will also incorporate the lessons of yoga off the mat and into the world as well.

ECSTATIC DANCE will be led by Michelle and it will be a practice of intuitive freestyle dancing. You can expect amazing music that will take you on a journey through the senses and movement. This is a dance of intention and no judgement, so bring whatever you want to the dance floor! We will meet without shoes, without speaking, and without cell phones so we can step into who we truly are and move freely from there. We will also go to one of the largest and most exciting ecstatic dances in India in the nearby town of Arambol!

MEDITATION sessions will be led by Sanal and you can expect to feel very relaxed and at peace throughout the experience. He uses methods to create the ideal environment for you to absorb deeper spiritual truths in a way that your mind can naturally surrender into happiness and relaxation.

SATSANG (spiritual talks) will be led by Sanal rooted in the teachings of Advaita which focus on Non- Duality. He teaches how to blend spirituality in a meaningful way into our daily lives so that we can feel more peace and freedom in any situation. His satsang is very innovative as he uses his skills of hypnosis to bring us into deeper understanding of this knowledge.

"ROCK YOUR LOVE LIFE" will be sessions focusing on authentic relationships and communication relevant to each gender. Using the understanding that you gain here, you will be able to enrich your current relationship or experience an abundance of choices in the future. This will be an introduction to practices that incorporate communication skills which lead to deeper intimacy, deeper connections and deeper fulfillment with your loved one.

In addition to these activities, we will have some free time to go explore things nearby. We can go together to the vibrant night markets and see live music in the happening town of Arambol. We can relax and get massages or go on long walks down the beach.

Our stay at the Mandala will be nothing but memorable as we enjoy comforts while being in the peaceful and serene Goan nature. Mandala was created as a unique art and yoga retreat where inspiration is in abundance. We will be able to enjoy their healthy, home cooked foods, juices, smoothies and other delicious beverages! There are beautiful and peaceful yoga shalas that we will be using for our classes throughout the retreat.

So what does the retreat include?

The retreat will include one week of life changing experiences and self discovery! It will include all of your accommodation, most meals either at the Mandala or if we go out as a group, airport pick up/ drop off and all transportation into town and markets. It will also include all of the classes and activities provided such as ecstatic dance, live music and trips to markets or beaches!